I'm a lighting designer, production manager and technician for theatre, live art and dance, currently based in London. I have an MEng (Hons.) in Electrical & Mechanical Engineering from the University of Edinburgh. In 2013 the Association of Lighting Designers awarded me the Michael Northen Bursary, which was nice of them.

I'm also the Technical Director of the Forest Fringe in Edinburgh (when it's on), and when I'm not working with theatre/live art/dance companies I provide technical support to The Place. You can see some of my designs and the things I'm working on in the links above.

I also occasionally run a workshop called Technical Theatre for Non-Technical Creatives, aimed at demystifying some aspects of the technical side of the stage for anyone that feels they need it. If that's something you might be interested in (booking or attending), get in touch!

You can email me at alexmlfernandes@gmail.com or maybe follow @oneferny on Twitter.